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Boycott Georgia Pacific Products!
How Can I Help The St. Johns River?


The Problem | How Can I Help The St. Johns River? | Won't People Lose Their Jobs?!

You can make a big difference! Here's what YOU can do:

First of all, we urge everyone to boycott any and all Georgia-Pacific products. Simply put, this means not to buy or use these products AND the next time you're in the store, tell the manager why you're doing this. They might even pull the product of their shelves to support this good cause. If you explain what GP is doing to the St. Johns River, they'll understand. Some of these products include:

All Brawny paper towels and paper products, Dixie Cups and Dixie paper products, Angel Soft tissue, Quilted Northern, Sparkle, Soft 'n Gentle, Mardi Gras, So-Dri, Green Forest, and Vanity Fair.

And you construction workers and builders: Look for the Georgia-Pacific logo on the wood and other products you buy. If you buy their stuff, you're helping put that poison in the river!

We're urging all NASCAR fans to boycott and send e-mails to the Petty Racing Team, which unfortunately includes Richard, Kyle and Adam Petty, as well as Buckshot Jones, John Andretti and Carlos Contreras. Most of these guys are great people with good hearts and good bass fishermen to boot. My guess is they haven't been told about what's going on down south of Jacksonville!

You're probably wondering where the heck are the North Florida legislators? We're kinda wondering that, too. We've e-mailed the bunch of them and we urge you to do the same. Here's their names and e-mail addresses. For more information on these politicians who are supposed to be looking out for our interests, check on the link below their names!

James King (,

Denise Lee (,

Mike Hogan (,

Stephen Wise (,

Mark Mahon (,

Terry Fields (,

Dick Kravitz (,

Don Davis (,

Stan Jordan (,

Aaron Bean (

Write these folks and let them know how you feel. They might even be able to do something about it. And while you're at it, don't forget the President's brother Jeb, who just happens to be the Governor of our fine state. The link to his phone number and e-mail address is just below.

By the way, this boycott will be over and this site will disappear forever just as soon as the good people at Georgia-Pacific agree to find another way to dispose of their toxins besides sumping it in OUR River!

To contact Gov. Bush, call his number at 850-488-4441 or just click here!

For more information on how to contact the North Florida Legislators, click here!

The St. Johns River has a 'Riverkeeper' , that is, someone who has the job of overseeing the condition of the river and keeping track of what's going on. His name is Mike Hollingsworth and you can contact him at 904-745-7591 or just use the link below.

The St. Johns River Keeper's website.

Some say a boycott is a waste of time but there are examples all through history of how they can change things for the better.

Click here to see how a boycott can change things individuals cannot!