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We're establishing a national organization to boycott Georgia-Pacific products because of their proposal to build a pipeline that would dump up to 60 million gallons of poisonous dioxins, chlorines and other chemicals EVERYDAY into the beautiful St. Johns River. The St. Johns is a designated American Heritage River which runs 310 miles through Florida. We don't want anyone to lose their jobs and we DO NOT wish to shut the plant down but Georgia-Pacific is bypassing alternative technologies to get rid of its waste materials and they're taking the easier (and cheaper) way out by simply dumping it into this timeless beauty.

Our Mission

We're urging everyone to boycott Georgia-Pacific products, including Brawny, Dixie Cup, Angel Soft and others (see complete list) until GP agrees to NOT BUILD THE PIPELINE that will send this gunk and poison out into the St. Johns River! GP needs to hunker down and do the right thing; it needs to shell out the money required to pay for an adequate and appropriate method of disposing their garbage.

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Organization News

Richard Petty, Nascar legend, has exhibited a momentary lapse of good judgement and signed on with Georgia-Pacific. Until he comes to his senses (and we know he will, he's a smart fellow with a good heart) we urge all NASCAR fans to boycott and e-mail his racing team urging him to distance himself and his team from Georgia-Pacific!

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Find out more about Florida's majestic St. Johns River here!

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